DMV Fleet Registration

Managing your fleet is an exhausting job. From maintenance to the endless amounts of logs and everything in between, having to deal with the registration of your fleet is the last thing you want to do. CarRegistration can handle your fleet registration so that you can focus on your business.

DMV Fleet Registration

Permanent Fleet Registration (PFR) is a DMV program meant to simplify the registration process for owners of large vehicle fleets. If you are a business owner, fleet registration can make your life a lot easier. Instead of having to deal with each cars registration notice individually, the DMV will send you a monthly listing telling you which vehicles in your fleet need their registration renewed.

CarRegistration Fleet Services

Although you will have to complete your initial fleet registration with the DMV, CarRegistration is a great online tool that can help you manage your fleet going forward. Officially licensed by the DMV, CarRegistration can help monitor your vehicle inventory and alert you when registration renewals are due or other DMV requirements need to be met. Additionally, if vehicles in your fleet need weight certification stickers or document & sticker replacement, CarRegistration makes the process fast and simple.

Benefits of Fleet Registration

As mentioned earlier, the DMV’s Permanent Fleet Registration program is primarily in place to make registration renewal for fleet owners a whole lot easier. Once your fleet is registered with the DMV, each car will be issued a permanent registration sticker and registration card. These registration credentials will only include the month that the registration expires. The year does not appear because they are valid as long as they are owned by the fleet owner and are currently registered. You will never have to replace the sticker or card in any vehicle in your fleet. Needless to say, this saves owners a ton of time because it is not necessary to locate each vehicle in the fleet and replace registration documents.

The DMV makes renewal even easier by sending a monthly list telling owners which vehicles need their registration renewed. This takes the hassle out of keeping up with each vehicle in a fleet individually. No more dealing with separate registration notices, stickers, and registration cards for each vehicle.

Minimum Requirements

Not everyone can quality for the Permanent Fleet Registration program. In order to be able to register, fleets must:

  • Consist of 50 or more vehicles (motorcycles are not eligible). Fleets of 25 may participate, but only through “an authorized registration service agent submitting multiple fleets containing a combined total of 250 or more vehicles.”
  • Display the company logo, name, or trademark on both sides of each vehicle. The information must be big enough to be decipherable from up to 50 feet away.
  • Submit all relevant registration renewal requirements for each vehicle. This can include payment for parking/toll violations, smog certification, and payment for renewal fees.

Applying for Fleet Registration

In order to apply for Permanent Fleet Registration, fill out a Permanent Fleet Registration (MC 3500P) form and fax Side A of the document to the PFR Section at (916) 657-9017.

Your application will then go through an approval process. If your application is approved, you will receive a fax returning your document with a PFR account number written on the application. To complete the application you must:

  • Complete side B of the application and list the details for all of the vehicles included in your fleet.
  • Mail the application to the address listed.


You will be charged $1 for each vehicle registered during your original Permanent Fleet Registration and $1 for the annual renewal of each. Adding additional vehicles to your fleet will result in a $1 fee per vehicle.

DMV-PFR Field Offices

To offer support for fleet owners, the DMV has designated field offices that can provide a number of fleet related services. To find a PFR center near you, call (916) 657-9067.

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