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California’s most trusted Online Vehicle Registration Service. We understand that your time is valuable and we strive to make your vehicle registration as quick and efficient as possible. Car Registration is not an exciting experience, so we strive to get it over for you quickly so that you can move on with your day.


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To complete your vehicle registration simply choose which service you need completed from the dropdown menu.


Enter License Plate No.

Enter your license plate number on the car you wish to register along with the last 5 of the VIN and the zip code that the car is registered in.


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Not every car registration is the same so we ask that you enter your email address so that we can contact you with information on how to complete your transaction.

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Once you hit next, your California DMV Registration fee will be calculated and your Vehicle Registration fee will be displayed. Simply enter your information and we will quickly register your vehicle and provide you with all the relevant information you need. With this service, you can avoid penalties with the DMV by completing your registration today as we are licensed by the California DMV to register vehicles.

Additional CaReg services

We offer multiple services at CaReg to help you bypass the lines. The services that we provide are as follows:

Annual Vehicle Registration Renewal

Every year, each vehicle in the state of California must be registered with the DMV. Once you enter your vehicle license plate, last 5 of VIN, zip code where the vehicle is registered with the DMV, and your email address, we will show your CA DMV Fees and you can then complete your registration. Regardless if you need a smog check, have parking/toll violations you need to pay for, or any of the other issues that would make your annual vehicle registration difficult to complete, we can walk you through these and help you complete it today.

Replace Lost Sticker or Registration Card

Lost Registration Card? Lost sticker? We can help! Our system allows us to replace lost registration cards or stickers. Simply enter your information and choose Replace Lost Registration and enter your vehicle information. We can send you a same day E-Copy of your Registration card and have your actual registration card delivered the next business day. Same goes with your license plate sticker.

Title Transfer

Sell your car and need to transfer a vehicle? We can do it for you! Simply choose the Transfer Vehicle Title option from the drop down above get your Title transfer going. We'll walk you through the process and answer any questions about your title transfer. Transferring your title can be a little daunting and time consuming, so let us help as we are the experts!

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